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A dear friend of mine once said, "I've been around this rodeo enough, to enjoy life as it is dealt to me each day." It has given me an entirely new perspective on life. To describe myself, … I am an easygoing, very low maintenance, down to earth kind of person. Keywords are honesty, truth and integrity. What makes me tick? I guess you could say life. I am a spiritual, but not religious. I do not believe any one set of people, beliefs or teachings have the sole method of what is truth. I accept and respect all beliefs. I believe that is more important to walk your path, than it is to talk your path. Personally, I am more "aligned" with what can be called the "natural-way" or the Ancient and Olde Way.

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Interrelationship of Life

Something from the past ...

July 3, 2004

This morning while chatting with a few friends and others we had an interesting discussion on and about life, and some of the basic concepts about personal expectations and feelings. I thought they were rather profound and decided to try to share them with you ...

As we sat chatting, looking at the whole of life, the big circle of the Great Mystery, I am continually finding evidence of the interconnection and interrelationship of all life. For example how many spiritual principles are inter-related to how we respond to life when our self-esteem, our security, our ambitions, our personal and sexual relationships are interferred with or threatened.

How we realize that the people who wronged us were perhaps spiritually sick, and how if we give into their barbs, we are actually giving them some of our own precious personal power.

How we must stand firm in the precept to not take things personally. Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won't be the victim of needless suffering.

How can I be helpful to this person or how can I or will I allow God of my understanding to save me from being angry, resentful or even vindictive towards this person, place or institution.

How have my wants, desires, expectations potentially clouded or created an illusion of what is really there? The illusion of life as is seen through our socially conditioned eyes and thoughts. Then taking account and responsibility for where we have been selfish, dishonest, self-seeking or frightened.

How our own personal fears touch every aspect of our lives. Fear, the evil and corroding thread that through our conditioning over our years becomes woven into the very fabric of our human existence. A thread that if pulled, can set in motion circumstances which can bring us misfortune, and loss of personal power.

The pathways of personal power and personal freedom are both selfless and selfish. A paradox? Yes in many ways it is. For as we choose our battles and assess the circumstances and conditions of every battle with the utmost care, we are using our perosnal power along the path of least resistence. We use our gifts and talents in the service and betterment of others, which in turns comes full circle back to us in its own timing.

The catch here is that the use of our gifts and talents must be unconditional and impeccable, that is without expectation and with a clear Spirit. For we can not allow our personal power to be eroded. By that I meanwhat we do, we do, it's done, and let go of. We can not go or come back to say at a later date, "Look at what I did for you." For therein brings to light the true nature and motive for our actions ... and shows we did under the surface attach expectations to the outcome.

Many of Jesus' teachings taught the same about life and unconditional use of gifts, talents, and love. Paraphrasing a section pertaining to the giving of an offering at the temple, "Do not allow your left hand to know what your right hand is doing." This can only be done with a clear heart and clean Spirit. That is without personal motive, i.e., not recording it in some account ledger to manifest a balance for at some later date to extract payment for services rendered. It is unconditional, no strings attached period for all eternity.Best wishes and blessings for Today,

Mitakuye Oyasin,
A Guardian and Servant of Spirit,
Silver Eagle


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