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A dear friend of mine once said, "I've been around this rodeo enough, to enjoy life as it is dealt to me each day." It has given me an entirely new perspective on life. To describe myself, … I am an easygoing, very low maintenance, down to earth kind of person. Keywords are honesty, truth and integrity. What makes me tick? I guess you could say life. I am a spiritual, but not religious. I do not believe any one set of people, beliefs or teachings have the sole method of what is truth. I accept and respect all beliefs. I believe that is more important to walk your path, than it is to talk your path. Personally, I am more "aligned" with what can be called the "natural-way" or the Ancient and Olde Way.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Plymouth, MI - Today's blog is a Potpourri of observations, comments, etc.

Hurricane WILMA - Monday's south Florida crossing of Hurricane Wilma was south of the forecast track as well as well south of my sensed track between Ft. Myers and Melbourne. It is a good thing that Wilma took this southern track. Ironically as with any hurricane, forecasting thier track and intensity is not an exact "science", not to mention that aspect of "Mother Nature."

I must admit watching the news and Weather Channel from here in Michigan ... there was one city manager, that stated that they're preparations are geared for a storm of at least one Category above the forecast intensity. Well Done! Then there was some guy (resident) in or around Key West that said something like we've been through Category 1 and 2 before (the original forecast intensity), so unless she throws us a curve and becomes a Category 3 or greater we'll be okay. What was that old TV commercial ... You don't fool with Mother Nature!

Employment & Housing - After nearly thirty years of being away from Plymouth, MI I was kind of blown away at the cost of housing in the area I grew up in. Just like I mentioned previously pertaining to Florida, they are building $300,000.00 and up homes here too. In talking with a few individuals during the reunion, they said most of the old laborer jobs in the area are predominantly gone. Companies are "outsourcing" employment overseas and to Mexico because they can pay $2.00 per hour instead of even minimum wage for basic labor. The result is that unless you are working in a high-tech industry, or bio-technology, most likely you'll find yourself below the federal poverty level.

In addition that "blue-collar" work is disappearing, there is a move of individuals and families from the larger cities into the suburbs often resulting in over an hour's commute to and from work. I experienced this in California where people began leaving the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area for outer communities of Livermore, Fairfield, then going further out to Stockton and Vacavilled, and ultimately into even Sacramento. In Central Florida we are witnessing this too, as people are moving from the Tampa Bay metro area and the Orlando metro area into Polk County. The end result is that housing costs are being driven up as these folks move into the formerly rural areas.

The 30th Reunion - This was the basic reason for coming north to Michigan the past week, as well as visit with family that I haven't seen since about 1998 or so. In an overall situation it was or has been a rather enjoyable event .. the football game .. the get together after the football game .. and the reunion. A rather memorable series of events.

I came north with no preconceived ideas or expectations other than to meet up with some old "friends" and "acquaintenances". Interestingly not a lot had changed. Oh sure, some had that middle age midsection, a number of us guys were sporting gray hair, but I wonder how many were using Grecian Formula or have thier hair dyed. What was in my opinion kind of comical was that many of the "cliques" that existed during high school still seemed to exist. But then we are "human" and many people (in general) don't like to leave their comfort zones. So hanging out at the reunion with the "old gang" is understandable.

One thing that I really had to chuckle at, was just like at the old school dances, the guys stood around talking to each other, and a number of the women decided to dance together. Since I like to dance, it wasn't a problem finding someone to dance with. It was even funny that after dancing a couple songs, I could have ended up dancing the remainder of the night, since so many of the women wanted to dance.

It has been a good trip.

Silver Eagle


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